Tips for Assembling PCs for Beginners, Determining Ideas and Selection of PC Components

This time I want to share tips for those of you who want to build a PC, whether it’s a PC for gaming or rendering. Before you start assembling a PC or before you buy a PC component you must first consider a few things that I will mention below. So after you have finished assembling and using a PC, it is hoped that you will not regret the installation of your PC.

So before you start assembling a PC, all you have to think about is, what PC / computer do you want? Is it for full gaming? Or full editing / rendering? Or for both gaming and editing? Or maybe just for light work like multimedia, browsing, streaming, office? Because assembling a PC is also tailored to your needs. Do not just as long as the raft or the purchase of expensive expensive PC components is only used for browsing and multimedia. Loss and certainly redundant.

Okay, after you are sure of the choice you want to build what type of PC, just go ahead, the next tip is to choose the processor / CPU. Because currently there are two processor choices for PC users, want processors from Intel or from AMD. Both processors are actually just as good, just for sure you already know that for Intel processors this usually costs more than AMD, but it is admitted that Intel is better than AMD. I also did not take sides in either, but indeed in fact Intel was superior. Those who prefer AMD are usually due to the price of AMD’s own processors are cheaper.

So do I have to choose Ryzen or core i Skylake, Kabylake / Coffeelake processors, is there no other choice? Oh, you don’t have to, all back to the budget, you don’t have to choose the processor, because there are still many choices of processors, both Intel and AMD, which are cheaper. For example, for Intel, there are still processors, the price of which is for example the Intel Pentium G … (eg G4560 or G4600). Or for cheaper prices can choose the lower generation, for example Intel Haswell or Ivybridge. Or for AMD there is also a cheap version, the version of Bristol Ridge.
For 2018 I recommend that if you want to choose an Intel processor, take the Skylake / Kabylake / Coffelake with socket 1151 because this socket is the latest version. And for AMD, at least you choose AMD Bristol Ridge because you have used the latest AM4 socket. The latest socket makes it easy for you to upgrade your processor later without having to buy a new motherboard again or buy new RAM again.

Okay again, after you determine whether you want to choose an Intel or AMD processor, we now choose RAM. Let your PC look current, use the latest generation of RAM, which is DDR4, because DDR4 is much faster than DDR3. The use of RAM is also adjusted to the use of the processor, … Read More

This Is How To Care For & Clean Your PC Computer Properly

Computers are tools that we often use both in all office activities and until students can operate computers properly, and it is our duty as computer users and computer owners to treat and clean them properly and correctly so the results are also correct.
This is so that the computer device is not damaged and does not hang when using it. Again and again, the emergence of the latest types of computer devices that are the prima donna of today’s society such as Tablets, laptops, and Ipad is very cool and more practical. Certainly, someone who has a PC (personal computer) or laptop hopes that the device will remain in good condition and durable.

Smart Computer Merwat Tips Correctly is the subject of my discussion this time which will be discussed thoroughly, the positive impact, if you take care of your computer properly and correctly, is the computer will be more durable and avoid interference that can damage the computer. Computers are like our pets and it is appropriate for us as computer owners to be obliged to take care and always clean them, don’t just use them, but maintenance is very important, aiming for the computer to remain optimal in its operation. But before that, I will share some of the factors that affect computer performance as follows.

  • Baran Quality itself, Computer Quality is the main factor that

influences computer performance. Usually, the price of expensive computers and well-known brands will tend to be better, but not expensive, good and not cheap, but here for the main influence of quality that affects.

  • How to Care, For the owner of the computer things that need to

be considered is about the care of the computer. The care of the computer itself is a very important function and impact, the more we diligently clean and also care for the computer, the better the performance of the computer itself.

Here’s How to Take Care of a Computer Well
From the two factors above we already know together that the quality and care that affect pc performance, Well then I will share Tips on caring for and cleaning the computer or Laptop properly, therefore, let’s look at the reviews below.

  • Closing Unused Programs

In operating a computer, we should close the program or application if it is not used, this is intended when the program that is not needed to run will require memory (RAM), causing more programs to run, the more memory is used. The negative impact if we do not close unused programs can be bad for your computer, that is, the computer will run slower (slow) and the computer will be more burdened.

  • Moderate temperature

From my point, this is about controlling the temperature in the room. We recommend that the temperature is not too hot and how better the room is put on the computer, there is sufficient ventilation and given a fan near the CPU and Monitor so that it does not heat up quickly. This will prevent … Read More