Peran Penting Modem Wifi Buat Anda Yang Hobi Internetan

Modem WiFi saat ini merupakan alat yang paling penting jika berbicara tentang internet. Kebutuhan internet saat ini sudah seperti kebutuhan pokok. Hampir semua hal membutuhkan akses internet. Seperti untuk berkomunikasi melalui social media, bermain game online, e-banking dan masih banyak lagi. Bagi Anda freelancer online tentu akan menjadi masalah serius jika sehari saja tidak ada akses internet.

Untuk itu, dengan teknologi yang terus berkembang tanpa ada batas, maka terciptalah modem sebagai alat yang menghubungkan sambungan internet. Dengan alat ini, Anda akan selalu terhubung dengan internet dimana pun. Tetapi yang paling penting, pastikan provider layanan internet yang Anda gunakan dapat memberikan jangkauan internet yang luas dengan sinyal yang kuat.

Kelebihan Modem Wifi Untuk Internet Tanpa Batas

Modem WiFi atau dikenal sebagai MiFi ini merupakan WiFi router yang bersifat portable atau bisa dibawa kemana-mana. Hal ini yang membuatnya berbeda dengan Wi-Fi rumahan yang hanya bisa diakses ketika Anda berada di rumah. Kuota internet MiFi juga lebih besar dengan harga yang lebih murah jika dibandingkan dengan Wi-Fi biasa. Untuk berlangganan MiFi bisa diakses dengan sistem langganan mingguan. Berbeda dengan Wi-Fi rumahan yang harus langganan per bulan.

Manfaat lain dari MiFi selain sebagai penyedia internet portable, MiFi lebih aman dipakai. Jika menggunakan Wi-Fi … Read More

Tips for Assembling PCs for Beginners, Determining Ideas and Selection of PC Components

This time I want to share tips for those of you who want to build a PC, whether it’s a PC for gaming or rendering. Before you start assembling a PC or before you buy a PC component you must first consider a few things that I will mention below. So after you have finished assembling and using a PC, it is hoped that you will not regret the installation of your PC.

So before you start assembling a PC, all you have to think about is, what PC / computer do you want? Is it for full gaming? Or full editing / rendering? Or for both gaming and editing? Or maybe just for light work like multimedia, browsing, streaming, office? Because assembling a PC is also tailored to your needs. Do not just as long as the raft or the purchase of expensive expensive PC components is only used for browsing and multimedia. Loss and certainly redundant.

Okay, after you are sure of the choice you want to build what type of PC, just go ahead, the next tip is to choose the processor / CPU. Because currently there are two processor choices for PC users, want processors from … Read More

This Is How To Care For & Clean Your PC Computer Properly

Computers are tools that we often use both in all office activities and until students can operate computers properly, and it is our duty as computer users and computer owners to treat and clean them properly and correctly so the results are also correct.
This is so that the computer device is not damaged and does not hang when using it. Again and again, the emergence of the latest types of computer devices that are the prima donna of today’s society such as Tablets, laptops, and Ipad is very cool and more practical. Certainly, someone who has a PC (personal computer) or laptop hopes that the device will remain in good condition and durable.

Smart Computer Merwat Tips Correctly is the subject of my discussion this time which will be discussed thoroughly, the positive impact, if you take care of your computer properly and correctly, is the computer will be more durable and avoid interference that can damage the computer. Computers are like our pets and it is appropriate for us as computer owners to be obliged to take care and always clean them, don’t just use them, but maintenance is very important, aiming for the computer to remain optimal … Read More