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We designed an experimental AI device to foretell which COVID-19 patients are going to get the sickest

The Baker Institute Science and Technology Policy Program supplies a space for policymakers and scientists to interact in substantive dialogue on important scientific points facing the U.S. and the world. Through this program, scholars handle a broad vary of policy issues that have an effect on scientists and their analysis, as well as the applying of science for the general public good. Issues of interest embrace area science and expertise, science schooling, social components impacting science and scientists’ work, scientific advice within the federal government, and the federal government’s assist of science and technology. Science and expertise research is a rising area that draws on the full vary of disciplines within the social sciences and humanities to examine the ways that science and technology form, and are formed by, our society, politics, and culture. We research contemporary controversies, historical transformations, policy dilemmas, and broad philosophical questions.


We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and can talk any adjustments right here as they are made. We are JST’s first-established abroad workplace, responsible for a variety of nations inside Europe and Africa. We negotiate and coordinate with related organizations and support the expansion of JST’s European operations, where science cooperation is commonly multi-layered and sophisticated.

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